OCTOBER 25, 2023.


1. Education & Digitalization.
• Exploring digital tools for educators.
• Creation of interactive spaces for children and teenagers. How best to choose technology and software solutions.
• Metaverse, VR and AR technologies, 3D mapping. New technologies and multimedia content: immersive content. Interactive technology, educational and entertainment content; using panoramic monitors, projectors, video sets.
• Virtual tours. Experience building on a limited budget. Different formats of online visits: how to choose the right one. Modern technologies for organizing online visits.
• Audio description & digital storytelling. Tips for creating engaging content with storytelling.
• What's new in exhibit design. Bones – how to respectfully exhibit them. 3D printing of African elephant skeleton at Municipal Zoological Garden in Warsaw.

2. Public Relations/Marketing.
• Building Digital Public Spaces. Creating an effective digital strategy: guidelines and best practices. How to increase digital visits. Recommendations for improving websites.
• Experience in creating digital content. What content is really interesting to the audience? Active interaction with the audience in social networks. National parks, zoological parks, botanical gardens, aquariums in Tik-Tok: best practices. What are the best ways of staff training to help them produce and present digital content effectively?
• Best practices in brand development.

3. Animal Management, Health & Welfare.
• Innovative solutions for animal care.
4. Business Operations.
• Effective management. Repair and maintenance problems. Challenges of repairing roads, hiking trails and other infrastructure.
• Contemporary collaborations between airlines, retail outlets and restaurants. Factors to consider when choosing suitable partners.
• Value of guest feedback.

5. Volunteer & Intern Engagement.
• Volunteering programs. How to attract volunteers and organize their work. Practical recommendations. How to find the right rewards.
• Road map to equitable and inclusive internships.

6. Trends & More.
• New formats of entertainment: examples from practice. Use of new technologies. Key insights on how to rethink your engagement strategy to attract engage and retain the next generation of consumers. How to attract visitors by offering a variety of entertainment options that ensure they never want to leave the resort?
• Convenience for visitors. How to provide a seamless and engaging visitor experience with mobile apps, wristbands, smart kiosks and digital signage. Searching for rides with less waiting time and choosing suitable food.
• Impact on the environment. Using clean energy sources, reducing waste and selling vegetarian food.
• Dynamic pricing. Prices based on length of stay, day, season and real-time weather response. How to technologically implement this pricing model?

7. Funding.
• Increasing ticket sales: best practices from the leading national parks, zoological parks, botanical gardens, aquariums. Developing blogs, podcasts, computer games; social media activity; building interactive museum spaces for children and young people.
• Digital solutions for implementation and promotion of products: online stores, marketplaces, applications. Product update. Important questions related to organization and promotion.
• The future of fundraising. Virtual world vs. real world: major fundraising trends in the virtual world. How will the way they donate money change in the future?