We will host professionals around the globe to share knowledge and experience during the conference.


The conference is a fully virtual event. The conference will begin at 10:00 a.m. and end at 16:00 pm (CET).


We will discuss some of the most important topics.


We will provide a recording of the conference after the event for 14 days.



Creating an effective digital strategy: guidelines and best practices. How to increase digital visits. Recommendations for improving a national park, zoological park, botanical garden, aquarium websites. National parks, zoological parks, botanical gardens, aquariums in Tik-Tok: best practices. What are the best ways of staff training to help them produce and present digital content effectively?

Best practices from the leading national parks, zoological parks, botanical gardens, aquariums. Developing blogs, podcasts, computer games; social media activity; building interactive museum spaces for children and young people.

How best to choose technology and software solutions.

New technologies and multimedia content: immersive content. Organizing virtual tours. Interactive technology, educational and entertainment content; using panoramic monitors, projectors, video sets.

Online stores, marketplaces, applications. Product update. Important questions related to organization and promotion.

Tours, courses, training, summer schools for children and teenagers.

Experience of Australia Zoo launching NFT project to help protect wildlife and wild places.

Use of new technologies. Key insights on how to rethink your engagement strategy to attract, engage and retain the next generation of consumers. How to attract visitors by offering a variety of entertainment options that ensure they never want to leave the resort?

Factors to consider when choosing suitable partners.

How to provide a seamless and engaging visitor experience with mobile apps, wristbands, smart kiosks and digital signage. Searching for rides with less waiting time and choosing suitable food.

Lack of space problem.

Recommendations on the selection and use of technical means of object adaptation. What to consider when installing adaptation equipment: entrance group modification, ramp configuration safety, lifting platforms; safety railings and ramps with a special non-slip coating; tactile guiding system; restroom modification. Providing parking facilities for people with disabilities.

Using clean energy sources, reducing waste and selling vegetarian food.

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